PPPAlmost everyone loves to go clubbing but the question is: what to wear to go to a club?Well, first of all, it depends on the kind of club we are going to: asking your friends for info like the type of music they play could be helpful! The rule of being yourself and never overdo it it’s always a must. You are going out and therefore about to have fun with your friends…always be classy and don’t forget the double C’s: coolness and comfort. At TheBlondeSalad, we created 4 looks for 4different kinds of night. Have fun!


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    None of these would fly at any clubs I have been to!

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    To be honest, she looks like she just ran away from the hospital for one last clubbing night before surgery.

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    awesome outfits! my favourite would have to be the 4th on, gotta love classic and comfy!
    x anna – messystreet.com

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    hmm nice outfits but wouldn’t wear certain things to a club…. and where are the classical high heels?

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    Reality Check: If you’re a model, you may get away with rocking jeans and sneaks to the club. But for us regular folks, the last three of these outfits wouldn’t get us past the bouncer.

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    I like #3 the best. My go-to club fit is a skirt and crop top, or a short dress and heels. I don’t want anything too tight and I want to be able to dance! Thanks.


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    With tennis shoes to go to a club??? never seen before. apologies to be so direct but I don’t think any of these outfits is cool or appropriate. can you imagine dancing with the pink dress and flat shoes?

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  • Going to club is not always that easy… Really ofetn there is a question between a dress or pants and more rock outfit.
    I like what you showed us and help a lil bit 🙂

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