When it comes to footwear, it’s as if we had all been brainwashed a little. Sure, we do own flat shoes: we could even say we have tons of them — especially sneakers. But when it comes to looking really chic, grabbing a pair of nice heels seems to be the natural reaction for most of us, and we are wondering, how come?

First of all, suddenly being 10cm taller totally boosts our self-confidence. Secondly, our legs will suddenly look much more like top model Anja Rubik’s, and lastly, heels gift us with a graceful and feminine gait, which will definitely make us look even more sophisticated. You can’t deny any of this, right?

And yet, it seems that we all are mistaken, because it turns out you definitely can look totally smart in flat shoes, too. So, if you often struggle with your city’s sidewalks, or feeling like your feet are on fire really gets on your nerves, here are 5 classy looks that will solve the problem.

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