When it comes to an elegant dresscode, the first thing popping up in our minds is black. But let’s be honest, even if this might be the best choice, you stop looking so elegant when you step out of your door into the summer heat. Wearing black when the summer sun is burning down on the city will make you feel and look like you just accomplished a marathon: sweaty and suffering! Instead, let’s drop the black elegance and embrace this hot season. Let it inspire ourselves with its typical shiny color which can look so smooth, too: bright yellow!
So sunlovers, this is for you: Dressing in the color of the sun from top to toe and still look elegant is possible! You have your doubts because wearing yellow makes you think you look like a DHL guy or a Disney minionForget your fears instantly. It all depends on what clothes you choose and what accessories you are wearing with it.
First rule to look elegant in yellow: Don’t mix and match different yellow nuances. Stick to one and the same color and make it a total look! The second rule is: never wear black accessories or shoes with it. The contrast is too extreme and it will make your outfit look cheap instantly. Same for other colors, try to avoid them too, if you don’t want to look like a tropical parrot. 
Go for nude tones instead! This softens the flashy yellow and gives it an exquisite touch. In case you feel like you need to pimp up your look up to a goddess like level, go for gold. Golden heels, belts or accessories can look very pretty with yellow, since they come from the same color range.
Check out our elegant and our supreme total look in yellow below. This will surely make you suddenly love the color yellow!

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