beretYou heard it here first: the hat of the moment is the beret! This style has a vary eclectic history. It is in fact named after the farmers of the Basque Country, who wear it to work. It then became the accessory of the traditional military uniform and was subsequently universally recognized as the painters’ hat. In the 1940’s it defined sporty looks, to then finally transform into a sexy and feminine icon of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The beret has now made its comeback as this season’s must-have; the essential final touch to your look. But don’t assume this is just a girly style; you’d be surprised by the number of cool ways of wearing it! You’ll find them all in our gallery, what’s your favorite?

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  • OMG I love Cong He (the model), she is so beautiful and I can never pull of a beret it wont suit me hahah xxx

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