After watching Rihanna in a Dior plus beret leather total look for the brand’s Fall Winter 2017-2018 fashion show, in which Maria Grazia Chiuri had every model wear this style of hat, we knew berets would be one of the accessories this upcoming season.

Nothing new: French women have made berets a must in their naturally sophisticated style, but if you think these hats are just a cliché, think again! It’s only a cliché if you make it so through the same old mixing and matching, but we are obviously proposing something else entirely: forget romantic, try sporty, boyish, or minimal! Your beret will be the coolest accessory this winter.

If you’ve seen the Pre-Fall 2017 Céline show and the Fall Winter 2017-2018 Wanda Nylon fashion show, you’ll know what we’re taking about: try something new, break the rules, mix styles, and take advantage of the ability of a beret to look good with anything.

PS: No need to buy fancy, expensive berets: the most basic, classical styles will do their job perfectly well!

How to wear a beret: suit it up!

How to wear a beret: choose an easy outfit, but remember, always looking amazing!

How to wear a beret: total black + oversize trench coat is the right way! 

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9 Responses to “How to wear a beret outside of the cliché Parisian style”

  • Nice guide! Waiting for another one for men. Or berets are strictly for girls???

    Reply to Katerina
  • Who don’t like the basic beret seriously?! 😍 It’s probably the best accessory of the workout for the hair ! 😱😍😍 love the article 👍🏾

    Reply to Coralie
      • I would say the best accessory of the world for the hair and not of the workout sorry 😂 And I love the outfits with the berets from France 🇫🇷 LOVE TEAM TBS AND CHIARRA ❤️

        Reply to Coralie
  • Thank you for this post. I packed twelve outfits for my trip to Paris last week, but I purposely did not pack a beret because I thought it would look cliche. While I did see a souvenir stand selling berets wrapped in plastic for 6 euros, I also saw some girls on the street with legitimate berets. After seeing those girls and the looks here, I am excited to wear my beret! My favorite look is the total black + trench coat, but my favorite beret is the Brixton one — it’s just so endearing.

    Reply to Brette Connolly
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