Ever had a fanny pack as a teenager? I had like a hundred, all in different colors, and I LOVED them. I felt so cool when I wore one (yeah, thinking back, maybe I wasn’t that cool, LOL). My epic fail? Moving out of my parents’ house and leaving my fanny packs there, convinced as I was they’d never come back in fashion. It didn’t take long for my parents to get rid of them all 🙁

If you, like me, owned fanny packs, you know what I’m talking about: those smallish, practical and convenient pouches you wear around your waist, or even on your shoulder or around your chest. But I bet you did not know that it’s one of the coolest and most sought-after accessories right now? A fanny pack is a touch of sporty look that makes any outfit (even the most formal) more casual: worn sideways on a blazer, on your shoulder with a midi dress, or with a pair of tailored pants or tracksuit pants… it looks great on everything, no exceptions!

Watching the men’s Spring Summer 2018 fashion shows, you must have noticed how no collection lacked one or more fanny packs; and yet, they’re not just for men! In fact, a lot of our favorite female celebrities have been wearing them and sharing the pics on social media, making it the cool accessory for the season. So before the musts for the new season are revealed, hurry up, find your old fanny packs, or run to the thrift store to find your newest cool accessory! If you have one handy and want some inspiration, have a look at the gallery for some summer looks that go perfectly with fanny packs. What’s your favorite?

How to wear a fanny pack around your chest

How to wear a fanny pack around your waist

How to wear a fanny pack on your shoulder

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