Dressing elegantly doesn’t necessarily mean choosing some clothes over others. We can still be the best version of ourselves for special occasions, while choosing accessories and clothing that match our personalities – and our age! – without losing in sophistication! So, we wondered, how can we make our outfits  for “formal occasions” look a tad more genuine? The answer is, with a T-shirt! Yes, the usual, simple, basic, unisex tee, with or without a print. If you had a look at the Gucci Spring Summer 2017 collection, you will probably know what I mean: short-sleeved tees can give your outfit a cool, minimalist touch, making it a bit more informal, with taste. I know, it might seem a little odd to show up at certain events in a T-shirt, but if you match it with the right clothes and with the right accessories, you really can’t go wrong. Have a look at our gallery for a few ideas on how to wear a tee on special occasions, without looking neither underdressed, nor overdressed.

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