Tracksuits have been trendy for a few seasons, especially in men’s collections, but after Vetements introduced its collaboration with Juicy Couture, this colorful suit typical of the 2000s definitely made a comeback! Remember celebrities and pop stars like Paris Hilton and J.Lo (take a look at the video below – I’m Real), and their pink tracksuits? They are probably part of the top 10 of your teenage years memories! Even if you might not be in the mood to go back to those times, don’t worry: you don’t have to wear a pink tracksuit to follow this trend! You will look super cool even with a more laid-back one on… Just wear it with the right accessories, and a good attitude, and voilà!

Pink is our Top 1!

Or if you are in the mood for classics!

Or maybe if you’re looking to add a sophisticated touch

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