Here in the office we all agree that fashion is something that makes us happy every day, and we also agree with the fact that its evolution through the centuries always leaves us daydreaming and full of admiration. These same emotions are also shared by many stylists, unlike those who try to focus on innovations and are always forward looking, they seek out older styles and use the past as a source of strength, perhaps even reinterpreting it. Who amongst us hasn’t enjoyed old fashion magazines or simply skimmed through old photo albums with loved ones and commented on grandma’s or aunty’s outfits, and wanting their exact coat or pair of shoes?!

If you’re one of those people then you’re a vintage lover. It’s a passion that’s also a trend; given that second hand markets or shops entirely dedicated to this way of life are starting to spring up like mushrooms in practically every city. For the enthusiasts it’s becoming a sort of sport: other than contributing to the planet’s wellbeing with eco-friendly shopping, spending hours and hours rummaging through old items, and then taking something unique home is very satisfying. We aren’t all, however, “athletes”: there are also lots of people that would never wear something that someone else has used, or who are simply a little too lazy to go and search for the perfect piece. Fortunately for them there are brands that have created entire collections that almost seem like they’ve been taken out of an old movie! Modettes, pin-ups, femme fatales – the list goes on: simply by knowing where you can find them you can create great vintage style looks.

We have tried to recreate four looks using only new items: the result is super cool and also just a click away. Our motto is: what is new is always beautiful and what is old is always good…! 😉

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