Turning your wardrobe upside down because your outfit absolutely needs a touch of oh là là today? Overknee boots can be your secret ingredient to provide you with loads of it! They’re the best item to instantly spice up your look. Handle overknee boots with care, though, because they can also easily look over the top. If you want to look totally stunning without overdoing it — and risk being mistaken for a lady of loose morals — make sure you keep these styling tricks in mind.

1.Never wear them with fishnet tights or leather skirts, unless 50Cent just decided to do a new version of Candyshop and you are the new star.

2. Don’t show too much skin: showing half of your thigh is enough. If you also go for a nice décolleté or nude shoulders, people won’t know where to look anymore.

3. Go for a total look. If you want to look chic, keep it simple: wearing blue, black or beige from head to toe will gives you a classy, star-like allure. Promise!

4. Mix in some denim: if you feel overdressed, grab your denim jacket. It’s the best way to dress down and go casual.

5. Choose warm colours rather than excessively bright ones, since over knee boots are very eye-catching. If you wear them in bright red or with flashy clothes, you might be mistaken for a neon light.

Need some inspiration? Check out our four favourite looks below.

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