When it comes to fashion, I am the “I try everything” kind of girl. Wearing crazy clothes or unusual combinations is spicing up my life. That does not mean that I’d wear anything, of course: I do have a personal no-go list. It contains pieces I swore to myself that would never ever end up in my closet and even less on my body. One oft those are –guess what– raincoats. Those vinyl clothes are as repelling to me as the thought of hairy spiders. Why?

First of all, they are made to serve a functional cause. How sad! Aren’t clothes supposed to make us look better nowadays? It’s not that we have to survive the whole rainy season in the wilderness, right? So until now, I rather got wet. Or poor (thanks to all the cab fees). Second, raincoats are made of weird materials. Who does like the feeling of bulky plastic or creaky rubber on skin? Not me, that I know for sure.

Nevertheless, after watching the latest catwalk shows, I had to notice that raincoats, or plastic materials in general, are becoming a big thing in fashion. I spotted transparent rain coats at MiuMiu’s, at Annakki’s, Dolce & Gabbana’s, I saw transparent plastic skirts at Emporio Armani and Alberta Zambelli, rubber bag covers at Salvatore Ferragamo and vinyl tops at Moschino.

And guess what: I started to rethink my no-go list. Because to be honest, some of the vinyl looks actually looked really cool. And not “functional” at all. They actually looked totally fashionable. And since I want to stay the “I try everything” kind of girl in fashion, I did my best to give this trend a chance. The result? This amazing look below. Check it out – they might suddenly make you appreciate plastic clothes, too.


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