Sticking to the basics is just the best choice sometimes. When it comes to our beloved camel coat, it’s definitely that way. This fashion evergreen is not only, and always will be, an essential part of your winter wardrobe, it also works for just about any occasion, really. Just think about it: are you late for work? Grab your camel coat. Getting ready for a date, looking for a chic and cool outfit? Your camel coat is your friend. Looking for a stylish way to hide your pajamas on your way to the supermarket? Your camel coat will do. On a casual city trip, with hand baggage only? Bring your camel coat. We could go on forever.

If you are afraid of getting bored of wearing this timeless classic all the time, don’t worry: not only does it work for every situation, it is also as versatile as any fashionista could wish for, as you will find out by looking at our four camel coat looks below. Check them out and get some camel inspiration!

Look 1

When you have a feeling you will be stalked by street style photographers the whole day — or actually just feel like wearing sneakers.

Look 2

When you need to look really, really chic, or you want your outfit to match your latte.

Look 3

When you feel like a wild child, or want to look like you are actually Tarzan’s girlfriend.

Look 4

When it’s cold outside, and you wake up feeling like it’s summer, your camel coat is your best friend: no matter what you wear underneath, it will keep you warm!


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