tie knotA knot front t-shirt, which turns into a short top, a pair of denim culottes + a high ponytail with two strands that fall over the face: we’re going back to the 90s! As with every trend that makes its comeback, we want to provide you with a new reinterpretation that will make it way cooler and classier. Think that the tie-front  t-shirt is too teen? Well, think again: we assure you that there are many ways to wear it, from morning to night. Don’t be shy and don’t wait for it to become too mainstream! In our gallery you’ll find 3 ideas on how to wear it TbsCrew style ;). Which is your favorite?

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    Can some one tell me what my website is blocked from posting a comment on here? If you had a FAQ Explaining why, that would be helpful.

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    I love this type of tee. It is so basic, but also gives a touch of style. Congratulations for writers, I like the posts.

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  • Interesting blog post! Yes, the 90s really are back


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