The documentary Seven Days, revisiting one of the most tragic weeks of the 90s, is released today, September 1: it looks back at the car accident that took Diana Spencer‘s (Lady Diana) life on August 31, 1997 in Paris. This docufilm presents her family’s and closest friends’ testimonies for the first time, painting her portrait as mother, woman, and the most beloved princess in history.

Twenty years on, almost everybody knows her name, not just because of her kind heart and her commitment to helping the less fortunate, but also for her style, which is still nowadays a source of inspiration for younger generations.

This season in particular, her closet has made a comeback: midi heels, baguette purses and mini bags, Matrix-style sunglasses, hoodies and baseball hats… we could go on forever!

We had a look at her most cool fall looks and selected our favorites to revisit: if you look up to her as a style icon, too, get ready; this winter is all about her style!

Lady Diana style: loafers + blazer are a must for fall

Lady Diana style: suiting is the biggest trend of the season 

Lady Diana style: is she the Vetements muse? 

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