Leopard prints have been around for a while, and while they’re never been easy to use in an outfit, the time has come for your animalier pieces to leave the closet. This summer, forget the rules: colors and patterns get revisited with new, unseen combinations, including layered prints and crazy colors; when it comes to eccentricity, nothing’s better than animal prints!

Need some inspiration? Forget super sexy looks and think 90s cool:  Azzedine Alaia, Grunge musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and even Princess Diana. There’s no lack of options to look at to integrate leopard prints into your own style. Let’s get started with some head-to-toe outfits for the fashionistas and a few accessories for those who prefer a sober style – after which, it’s up to you!

How to look cool in your leopard print: the 90% total look is our favorite option, it’s never too late to be awesome! 


How to look cool in your leopard print: for who prefers some easy picks and classic pieces, choose trendy colors to make more contrast to your outfit

How to look cool in your leopard print: if you prefer to go “low profile” with your prints, denim + flat shoes are always the best option!

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