It’s no news to anyone that coordinated clothing are in this year, and there is no better way to pull this off than to choose different shades of a certain color. From accessories to clothing, now is the time to get daring — and trendy — with your everyday outfits.

Some brands and influencers showed us how to wear coordinated outfits and look cool, and we fell utterly in love! Our tip is to play with all sorts of colors, and not just go for the usual basic winter ones, obviously making sure we don’t overdo it with overly bold colors: while they always looks lovely, these outfits can also easily become too much!

If you like the idea and you’d like to try wearing a coordinated total look, in different shades of the same color, we collected a few ideas in the gallery. Look at some of the cool ideas you can try out for this Fall Winter 2017-2018. We picked our favorite colors, now you choose yours!

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