The crowd  at TBS crew is quite young, and  we really have no predefined dress code here: we are free to dress however we like, wearing whatever we think is appropriate for a day at work — and that’s a great freedom to have. But what about those of you who do  have a dress code to follow? How can you personalize it,  and make it cool?

If you followed the Fall Winter 2017  shows  closely, you will also have realized that office wear — with  suits , palazzo pants, shirts, blazers and trenches in every possible shade — has actually completely taken over all catwalks. What we most appreciated about this is the way designers managed to  turn formal, classical outfits into something young and cool, so cool you  will actually want to wear it outside of the office ,  too!

We collected a few outfits for you to try out right now in our gallery: what do you think?






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