In wintertime, we’re all dreaming of summer, and when summer finally comes, we’re all desperate for a little coolness! How demanding can we be? The summer heat came sooner than we expected it and for those of us in the city, the change has caught us unprepared and decidedly overdressed. Then again, how do you dress for work with temps in the upper 80s? Dressing for the heat is tricky, because all of your smart casual wardrobe is now too warm and while you’d like to wear as little as possible, office environments require compromises.

Still looking for a feasible solution? Wearing less is not the solution wearing the right pieces is: you need light and cool cotton and linen pieces. If your job has you sitting in front of a computer the whole day, you’re not doing yourself any favours by wearing polyester and viscose; a shirt dress or a cotton button down shirt and linen pants outfit, on the other hand, will keep you cute, cool and fresh until the end of the day, and you’ll still be formal enough for office life! You’ll still be hot, but you won’t sweat as much 🙂 Need some inspiration? Scroll down to the gallery and we’ll show you some looks that’ll improve your life considerably – in fashion!

Office wear for summer days: the cotton dress will keep you cute, cool and fresh until the end of the day

Office wear for summer days:  cotton midi skirt + T-shirt is our favorite combo if you”ll be sitting in front of a computer the whole day

Office wear for summer days: nothing more feminine and classy than a linen total look

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9 Responses to “Office Wear For Those Super Hot Summer Days”

    Great collection. I work sitting in front of the computer from morning to evening.

    Reply to Nox

    Whoever wrote this has never worked in a office. Spaghetti straps? Weekend, yes. Work, no. Also upper 80’s??? Try 100’s. Can you get some writers who have experience with the real world

    Reply to Sarah
      • TBS CREW

        Hi Sarah, of course every office has its own dress code. If you work in a bank or you are a lawyer, then you have to wear a blazer or a long sleeves shirt. But there are a lot of offices that don’t require this kind of items: this post is for the people that work in places like these 🙂

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