Paris is famous all over the world for its beautiful and stylish women. But, how can we get a “Parisian” look even though we don’t live in the Ville Lumière”? Oh là là, the most important thing is the attitude ( have you read our article on Caroline Maigret?!), but also perfectly messy hair, super light makeup, the right perfume, white man’s shirts, slightly oversize cashmere sweaters… We suggest 6 outfits for every moment of the day. Vive la France! 🙂


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    I love Parisian style,thank you,I will be copying this!X

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    I think you nailed it with your ensembles. But just a grammatical note – it’s a men’s white shirt, not a white man’s shirt! It’s the shirt that’s white, not the man!

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  • Loving the simple looks that include a blazer/jacket 🙂
    I always see Parisian women with very understated outfits, but it looks so chic on them <3
    The most important thing is confidence in what you're wearing 🙂

    xo, elizabeth t.

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  • I love the parisian style!! So classy and feminist 🙂

    Kisses from Holland,
    Roos (

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