If I say “polo shirts“, and you instantly think about René Lacoste’s jersey petit piqué, don’t worry, you’re not the only one to make this mental association! Nevertheless, the image of polo shirts has changed a lot since their inception on the tennis courts in the early 1990. Polo shirts went from being simple sportswear to being the polished, yet casual symbol of good manners. Worn with blue cotton trousers and flat loafers, it still is symbolic the so-called “preppy-style”, which might look nice on a golf course or on a sailing boat, but definitely not on the streets of big fashion cities. Well… It didn’t, until now.

We have breaking news concerning these preppy shirts, girls: polos are back in fashion! So, don’t stop reading now, just because the shirts instantly made you think about boring golf games, or dull, bourgeois people: polo shirts seem to recently have had a complete image makeover, and styled in the new way, they even look cool.

You still can’t believe it? Then check out the Spring Summer 2017 runways: we noticed amazing polo looks at Dolce&Gabbana’s, at Adam Selman’s and at Hood by Air’s shows. Honestly, they looked so cool that we instantly went to our wardrobes, to check whether there was an old polo left… It might be just be THE thing to wear on the next party.

Fashion formula 1: Red polo shirt + A-line skirt + biker boots = pretty rocker girl

Fashion formula 2: Cropped polo shirt + leather skirt +plateau sandals = urbain sexy girl

Fashion formula 3: Printed polo shirt + wide leg trousers + slippers = casual chic girl



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