Time spent with your girlfriends, no boys allowed, is one of the joys of life, and for some squad quality time there’s just nothing better than taking a vacation together to soak up the good vibes: talking into the wee hours, laughs, sunshine, more sunshine, and of course… lots of pictures!

Getting ready for your sailing vacation and can’t choose what to pack? If your plan was to pack nothing more than your bathing suit, think twice: part of the fun of a girl-only vacation is how even the most mundane moment can turn into a photoshoot for your fabulous look!

Want a perfect picture of you? During the day, consider wearing a bathing suit that matches the ones your friends are wearing. For dusk and happy hour time, have cotton and linen maxidresses at the ready as well as some kind of headwear such as a turban or a headband… and if you’re the one behind the camera, remember – the golden hour is the best time to snap away! Finally, whether you end your day by mooring to a pierside or you prefer the quiet at sea, why shouldn’t you look your best?

Scroll down to the gallery to see the outfits we propose for you sailing getaway: we’re the kind of people who like to live every minute of their vacation as if on a movie set… what do you think?

Sailing with your squad: Friday

Sailing with your squad: Saturday

Sailing with your squad: Sunday

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