We’ll have to get used to it: every season comes with new shoe trends that can look repelling at first sight. Remember how Birkenstocks divided all fashionistas into two rivaling camps? One of them adopting the comfy sandals within seconds, the other one carefully avoiding getting too close to anything that unattractive? Glove shoes and platform sandals also elicited similar love-hate reactions.

We had a similar moment of déjà vu about a year ago, when Nicolas Ghesquière sent out his models in luxury hiking boots at Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2016 show. Back then, his choice of footwear seemed quite witty, considering the matching mountain setting. But the question popping up in everybody’s head was: who on earth would wear those inconceivably ugly boots in real life?

Now, winter is coming, and we have the answer. You might not like that, but it’s a growing trend: everybody will wear hiking boots. And yes – they will do so voluntarily. Still not convinced? Then check out the outfits below. They are proof that hiking boots are in fact absolutely fashionable, utterly versatile, and suitable for any occasion. Give them a shot, you might change your mind. You might actually end up getting yourself a pair of those ugly, stylish boots right away – so many designs, so many price ranges!

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