‘Tis the season! The season to plop onto your couch to watch the new Game of Thrones episodes. Want to know what we like best about the show? How the story is unfolding nicely towards seven kingdoms under the rule of as many queens! What more could we want? We definitely agree that “We should all be feminists”! 🙂

Among the main characters of the series, we find Sansa Stark, former shy and submissive girl now blooming into a woman with a strong personality, who is not afraid to speak her mind and impose her rule onto the Kingdom of the North (and further beyond; just watch). We have all admired her rich gowns and often-braided red, wavy hair – but have you wondered what Sophie, the actress who plays her, looks like when she’s not on set? In addition to the fair hair of a Brit, Sophie has her own style, which is always casual and often features black boots and denim. Some of her must-have include overalls, leather jackets, and hoodies, which are constantly mixed and matched in unconventional ways that’ll make you jealous; she’s our new street style inspiration! Want to copy Sophie Turner’s look? It’s never too late to jump on the GoT bandwagon!

Sophie turner style: easy outfits are her secret to be cool

Sophie Turner style: check and black booties are a must on her British wardrobe 

Sophie turner style: she also knows how to be femminine and delicate with cotton dresses and flat mules

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