You will surely have realized that puffer jackets are once again a winter must-have for your closet! We say YES, loud and clear, to these jackets that are so stylish again… As you can see by looking at our dear Chiara Ferragni: you can hardly spot her without a down jacket nowadays — have a look at her Instagram feed, and you’ll see what we mean. Down jackets are super easy to style because they’re so versatile, and they are perfect if you want to base your look on contrasts.

YES, with jeans or track pants

YES, with sneakers or pumps

YES, with high heels, too! (Why not?)

If you’re as crazy about Chiara’s latest outfits as we are, then you should really have a look at the gallery, where we collected 3 looks inspired by her style. Wondering what our favorite is? Definitely with track pants .

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