There is one fashion piece all girls have in their wardrobes without exception. And I’m not talking about blue jeans –- I’m talking about the legendary little black dress. Some of us might own the slip dress version, some the tight bodycon shaped one, others might have chosen one with lace or tulle details. Nevertheless, it’s the one piece we take out when we have a really special occasion, for which we normally wear it with a pair of black stilettos, or pumps. That looks amazing, no doubt about it, but isn’t it a bit sad that we do not wear it more often?

It is time to wear our little black dress as often as we want, and after you look at our six styling options, you will want to wear it way more often.

The styling secret to never to looking the same while wearing the same dress is not as complicated as it may sound at first: it all depends on what you wear it with, and how. If you have a nice blouse with wrap details, just wear it on top of your dress, and your dress will suddenly look like a mini skirt.

Another option we rarely think about is to simply tuck the dress into your jeans, and ta-dah, it will transform into a cute top! Or let’s imagine you are going on vacation, and your suitcase is jam-packed: no problem! Just wear a nice kimono over your little black dress, and it will look casual during the day and sexy at night. If you planned on an easy afternoon tea with your friends, just wear your marinière under the dress, it will look so cute! Especially with a pair of espadrilles. If you have a more elegant event coming up in the evening, just keep your dress on, take the marinière off, and slip into a nice pair of wide-leg trousers. Classy, right? Last but not least, there is also the sporty option, wearing an oversized hoodie on top of your dress — with matching sneakers, you will look stunning!

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