Remember the time when baseball caps were your favorite accessory? We never left the house without ours. We don’t know what happened there, but at one point, baseball caps lost their magic, and suddenly became uncool 🙁 If you never stopped loving them, you are lucky: they are finally back in vogue, and we are totally regretting giving away our collection! No need to check the weather, it doesn’t have to be sunny to wear them — you can totally wear them on a rainy day, too. And remember, although baseball caps usually seem to be a guy thing, girls look much better in them 🙂 We thought of a few cool outfit ideas for you to wear baseball caps this season. What’s your favorite?

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15 Responses to “The comeback of baseball caps: how to make them cool”

    I love black and white!!!!!
    È per questo che adoro il cappellino da baseball oggi ho provato a metterlo e tutti mi hanno fatto i complimenti!!!

    E a te Chiara ti sta anche molto bene!!!
    È anche molto bello con colori vivaci ma io adoro il bianco e il nero

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    Penso che lo stile di Chiara Ferragni è fantastico

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  • I personally prefer the baseball hat worn by a girl, suddenly becomes elegant hat and the girl becomes uninhibited. I never stopped loving this kind of hat is worn with many outfits and fashion accessories such as bags. This is demonstrated by the bag you’re wearing in this photo. A stylish handbag but it is beautiful with your baseball cap

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