If you followed the Fall Winter shows on 2017-2018 you will surely have realized that ton sur ton outfits will be one of the big trends this fall: a total look of only one color, created by matching different shades of it together. If you like pink for instance, that means baby pink, vintage pink, bubblegum pink and fuchsia, all mixed together in one look. Yes, weird!

If I think back to the 2000s, I remember I was so fascinated by this mood: skirt, T-shirt, belt, earring and all accessories in the same color. My favorite? Total blue… Help!

Fear not, though, there are so many ways to wear your clothes and follow the ton sur ton trend: if you style it right, it can look utterly cool, at any time of the year. What do you think? In the meantime, pick your color!

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