Your agenda includes a workout at the gym, some important meetings at the office and an elegant dinner with friends? It sounds like dressing right might become an issue:  unless you’re prepared to carry a huge bag with three outfits all day long, transforming your work day look into something else is really challenging. But don’t you worry, the key to looking appropriate at all times, and save time as well as your nerves, is dressing smart. With some of our life-changing styling hacks, not having the perfect outfit for every situation will not be your problem anymore. Scroll down to see how easy it is to actually switch from your office look to a perfect outfit for the night, or how to pimp up your casual outfit for a meeting.

How to transform your office look into a gym outfit 

Yes you can! The best trick not to skip the gym after work is to already wear part of your sport outfit at work. This can actually look super cool – even at the office. Since athleisure — wearing sports clothing during the day — is a big trend anyway, people will probably pay you compliments, rather than wonder why you are dressed like Sporty Spice. All you need are the right pieces, to dress up a little.

How to transform your office look into a party outfit

You don’t feel like showing up at a hip place after work wearing your boring blazer and a white shirt underneath? Understandable. The good thing is, it only takes a few accessories to completely transform a business look into a party one. Hey ho, let’s go!

How to transform a casual outfit into a business look

Sometimes you have to do the opposite: instead of pimping your office outfit to make it party-friendly, you need to pimp your casual look to make it suitable for the office. Have an important meeting during the afternoon, but don’t feel like walking around in high heels all the time? This smart styling hack is the solution!

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