Stripes, vichy caros and flower prints are three of the major pattern trends this Spring Summer 2017. Whichever collection you look at, they all did it: Gucci, Chloé and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Zara, Topshop and Mango celebrated prints in all possible shapes and cuts. And so do we! Actually, we love prints so much that we will say: don’t wear these patterns with plain basics. Forget your blue jeans, leave your black skirts in the wardrobe, and ignore your white trousers. Wear prints as a total look, instead! This spring, when it comes to patterns, more is more — so dare to wear stripes with stripes, flower prints with flower prints and vichy caro with more vichy. Should you be wondering whether this might visually be too much to handle, don’t worry. Our three double-pattern looks will be proof that matching the same prints does look amazing.

How to wear stripes with stripes

Stripes with stripes might be the combination that you never tried before, but that you definitely should try. It actually looks totally harmonious! The only thing you have to avoid is matching a bottom and a top with excessively thin stripes. Other than that, you can wear horizontal with vertical or diagonal stripes, mix any color you want, or go for a total look in one color.  Just keep your accessories simple.

How to wear flower prints with flower prints

There is just one rule when it comes to the trending flower print: go all in! Either choose a flower-print maxi dress (it does count as more is more), or wear a flower-print bottom and top together. To avoid looking mismatched, make sure you  choose prints with a similar range of colors. Other than that… Blossom up, girl!

How to wear vichy caros with vichy caros

One of the biggest trends this season: vichy caros. You will find skirts, trousers, tops, blouses and even accessories printed with this tiny little pattern, instantly giving us a warm feeling of nostalgia. What really matters, when wearing vichy print with vichy print, is to avoid wearing a bottom and a top in the same color –  and avoid looking like you stole some curtains from an alpine ski cottage. The best way to look amazing in this double pattern look is to chose a bottom with black and white caro print: if you do that, this will allow you to go crazy when choosing a top, you’ll be able to choose any color you like!


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