We usually all think that showing our bellybutton is a little childish, and definitely inappropriate on most occasions, but we are happy to tell you that in 2017 everything changed, and you can forget all your preconceptions. So, if you think that even the Olsen sisters showcased this in their The Row collection, you can rest assured that yes, you can still be cool and chic while wearing a crop top.

What matters, like always, is choosing the right combinations of clothing, so, remember these very helpful tips:

1.   Wear your top with something wide-fitting and feminine: it will make you instantly look more chic

2. When you have to choose shoes, go for flats: they are the best way to make your outfit more

3. If you don’t feel comfortable with your bellybutton out, don’t force yourself: if you want to uncover your belly a little, wear     high-waist pants and skirts with a short top. It will allow you to follow the trend without feeling too naked

4. If you like accessories, choose something small like earrings: the sleeker your look, the better!

5. A trench or a blazer are the perfect complement for a short top

We collected a few ideas for different styles in the gallery, what is your favorite?

Palazzo pants are the chicest option!


You can wear high waisted shorts too

Don’t forget the blazer jacket!

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