You may have noticed it on the Chanel Cruise Show this week, or on the multiple street style pictures on Instagram: sheer clothes, tulle clothes in particular, are one of the biggest style trends in Summer 2017. Sure, it might seem really complicated at first to wear sheer clothes without looking naked, because they are, ça va sans dire, very transparent. Furthermore, tulle is so romantic and feminine that it may seem hard to style it in a cool way. Well, it’s time to fight against this prejudice, because the new styling secret for wearing sheer tulle clothes without looking naked or feeling like a ballerina is super easy: it’s layering!

The more a tulle piece comes in pastel hues, with romantic ruffles or sheer overlays, the better it will look when layered over casual denim, and clean jersey. So, even if you’re not the girly kind of girl, don’t shy away from tulle: wear it over your band shirt, over your ripped jeans or with your vintage leather jacket for an unexpected style clash. The result will not be girly at all, it will be super cool instead. We promise!

How denim addicts can wear tulle sheer clothes

Honestly, it’s the perfect match! Tulle and denim look amazing together. You can either go for denim pieces with tulle details on the hems, or you can just layer them. Or you are free to choose between a tulle skirt, a tulle shirt, or a tulle dress — they will all look super stylish with your favorite pair of jeans.

How non-girly-girls can wear tulle sheer clothes

Is the cliche of all girls loving pink, and dreaming of being a ballerina a pain for you? Don’t let this be the reason why you don’t wear tulle, it doesn’t have to look girly or ballerina-like! Just grab a transparent tulle dress, and layer it over your old band shirt. So, what do you say? Is it just cool, or supercool?

How crazy fashionistas can wear tulle sheer clothes

If you’re the fashionable, outgoing kind of person who loves wearing crazy things and getting attention, well, listen up: you will love colorful tulle skirts and shirts! If you feel like looking casual, wear them with a hoodie or jeans and boots. If you have to dress up, grab your heels. Either way, you can be sure you will have all eyes on you!

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