Oh yes, we’ve been there, done that: staring ambivalently at a piece that suddenly popped out of it’s shadows again to retake the fashion world by storm. Or at least, to be on everybody’s lips. Just think about the culottes, for example – they divided us all between those who wondered how they could have (ever) lived without and those who just couldn’t warm to them (at all). Well, seems like we have a déjà-vu now with a new viciously divisive item: stirrup pants.

Making their return at Marni’s and Balenciaga’s Fall 2016 catwalks (we spotted loose-ankles versions in black, beige and white), they have quite a history. Originally designed as equestrian wear (we totally get the practical function of the stirrup) in the 19th century, they literally cycled through all sports: as skiwear in the 60ies, as gym wear in the 80ies, as athleisure gear in the 90ies.

And today? You don’t need a horse, skis or an exercise mat to wear one of them. But you need courage (to face all the not-enthused people) and a strong outfit to go with it. When it comes to the second part, let us help. Have a look at how we wear stirrup pants in three totally different ways — that will amaze even the skeptic ones.

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