One of the good things about winter is clothing, and with this, we mean warm clothing that is eye-catching and sophisticated. Guess what fabric really fits this description? Velvet, of course: it looks totally chic in the evening, it’s one of the main new trends of this Fall Winter 2017-2018, and the good news is, you don’t only have to wear it in the evening anymore… It will look even cooler if you wear it during the day. We know it sounds odd, but don’t just think about black velvet, give a chance to other colors and hues, too! Here are three ways to wear velvet during your day out.

Your best bet to keep it all low profile is to play with accessories. If you choose a velvet dress, match it to sneakers, or flats and very natural makeup

If you think a maxi velvet dress doesn’t work for you, velvet blazers and jackets will do the job. Denim is the one thing that always works in fashion, and if you wear a velvet blazer with jeans and a T-shirt… It’s going to look just perfect!

If you’re feeling daring, but not too daring, wear a coordinated outfit of velvet jacket and skirt with a sweatshirt. This will be our must-wear for winter!

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