Femininity is a very subjective concept, and surely it cannot be a trend! The new generation of “feminine girls” has a very distinctive way to show and experience their femininity, trying to be a little sexy, but always steering clear of any vulgarity. Basically, they are cute, but captivating, too! Bomber jackets are a representative piece of clothing of this world, since they are typically seen as sports jackets with a very male twist: if you match them to the right clothes, they can actually lend a cool touch to a very romantic look, turning it into the perfect example of this new feminine style. Need some inspiration? Have a look at our gallery, and have a peek at our ideas for the cold season!

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    Che splendida selezione! Tutti i look sono convincenti!

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  • That bomber jacket with the pink fluff is STUNNING! I never thought I needed it until now!

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