Some things in life inspire a tingling mix of admiration and respect in us. Watching a marathon runner’s inner struggle at the finishing line is one of those things; as is looking at Mona Lisa’s legendary smile, masterfully put on canvas in just a few brushstrokes, or watching a girl shave her hair off just out of sheer curiosity as to what she would look like. Listening to Giacomo Puccini’s La Bohème instantly makes us forget about our absurd pretense not to be hopeless romantics. All these things leave us with the desire to achieve something — without ever having the heart to do so. There might be some truth to the theory that there is nothing harder than leaving your comfort zone behind, after all.

That’s definitely the case when it comes to fashion. Same story here: there are some clothes we all admire but that only few among us dare to wear — the sole idea always riddles us with self-doubt. A corset is the perfect example of this kind of piece. We all want one, don’t we? But as soon as we seriously consider buying one, we start doubting ourselves: it’s too sexy for real life; it’s too chic to wear during the day; it’s too risqué compared to what we usually wear… We say: enough of wanting but not daring! Becoming a painter or an opera singer is a lot more complicated, we might as well at least be bold with our wardrobe choices, and get that corset right now.

The good news is, it’s not even that complicated to wear corsets, and they are actually the perfect way to pimp up a basic look. Wear it over an oversized blouse with some vintage jeans and nice heels, and be utterly stylish, while still looking nonchalant. Pair it with a soft knit turtleneck sweater, and give your cozy outfit a luxurious touch. Combine it with matching pants, and be as elegant as can be. Still not convinced? Check out our five bustier looks below. We promise: that’s what you’re going to wear tomorrow. 



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