When you think about tailored clothing, it usually also brings to mind formal occasions, elegant clothing, and very often, a winter setting, too. Since smashing stereotypes is a trend by now, now is a good time to refresh this idea too, and free our minds of this outdated image of sartorial clothing, to free up some space for creativity, instead. Forget age limitations, forget seasons and styling: being cool shall be your only worry. Any ideas? Oversize pants and shirt, with a cropped blazer + a pair of sneakers. Or, how about this: an oversize blazer with a mini skirt… How about wearing those with a sweater and a cap? Or with booties, perhaps? If you like the idea, and you decided to revamp your classic tailored look, you will find some ideas just for you in the gallery!

Wearing your tailored clothes in a cool way: pants + cropped blazer

Wearing your tailored clothes in a cool way: oversize blazer + mini skirt

Wearing your tailored clothes in a cool way: tweed mini dress + oversize trench


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