There is this special understanding girls have for each other when it comes to real bad problems. Like for example standing in front of a full closet, hear the time ticking and have nothing to wear. Sure, we never really talk about that in public, since we all pretend to have this natural styling talent running through our veins, but we all have been there. Some people may neglect that as a first world problem, but surely they did not meet us in one of that moments.

If they had, they would know: a woman in this situation is comparable to a lion, a very aggressive one, searching for its next prey — and that is totally understandable! We feel tense, stressed, horrified, practically ready to attack! So we freak out, and end up taking all our shirts out of the closet, throwing our heels against the wall, crying about how miserable our life is.

To preserve your walls from more high heel damage, and yourself from those painful moments, we decided to share three little styling secrets that will help you out when you have nothing to wear. You will be puzzled, they seem so simple that you will wonder why you never had these ideas before yourself. Well, sometimes the solution is hard to see if it’s right there in full view, and basics are not so basic after all. Since we girls have to stick together, here we go!

1.First solution when you have nothing to wear: grab your oversized blouse, or steal one from your boyfriend, and wear it back to front, with the buttons on your back. If you feel like you need an extra styling fix today, just do up the lowest buttons, and let your shirt slide down over one of your shoulders. We promise, this will look brand-new, creative and totally original!


2. Second option when you have nothing to wear: use your blouse as a skirt. That may sound weird at first, but as soon as you try this styling hack, you will totally love it. Button up the lowest buttons of your shirt, and step into the collar as if it were a skirt. Pull it up to your waist, close as many buttons as you can, and use the sleeves to tie a knot around your waist. Worn with a little white tee, this will be just the look you were waiting for. So avantgarde!


3. Third solution when you have nothing to wear: go and find your old knit cardigan. This piece is worth way more than you think! Wear it back to front, with only lace underwear underneath. This will look like a nice preppy sweater at first sight, but when you turn around, surprise surprise: The previous décolleté will have transformed into a beautiful cut-out on your back. If you feel like showing a little more skin, only close the first three lowest buttons. Very cute worn with high-waisted jeans or skirts!


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