Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. It’s coming, with stormy wind and annoying rain, leaving us with no choice but to wear warm clothes from head to toe. So get out your knitwear — you will need it.

If the thought of being all wrapped up in your scarf, looking as gracious as the Michelin man, is already getting to you, don’t worry: we have winter fashion hacks that will make scarves your new favorite accessory. Trust us! The secret lies in a simple change of habits: who says that you can only wear scarves around your neck?

Just look at the big picture of your daily dressing routine, and consider all the styling ideas you could have with one of those knit pieces — there are a lot of ways — you will be amazed. We are already experimenting with our De Marquet shawls: look at our ideas in the gallery. Still waters run deep, and scarves have a lot more to offer than we might expect.



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