eliofiorucciImagine an amusement park full of accessories and colorful clothes instead of carousels, where everything is so colorful and irresistible like a box of your favorite candies: you just can’t stay away from it! Imagine a 15-years-old boy who prefers to spend all his holidays here visiting this always different playful area every day that is able to put a smile on every visitor. That boy is Marc Jacobs and that place is any Fiorucci store. For 30 years, since 1969 to the early 1990’s Elio Fiorucci united  Milan and New York with his alternative vision of fashion, made of fun accessories and revolutionary innovations as stretch jeans created combining denim canvas and  feminine lycra to obtain an ultra feminine effect. Friend of Andy Warhol, he was one of the coolest people in New York during the 1980’s; it was him who organized the opening of the legendary Studio 54 and who hosted in his store one of Madonna’s first concerts. His concept store in Piazza San Babila in  Milan used to be one of the to-go spots for every fashionista and for whoever wanted to have a little fun: in 1984, for two days, passers by could stop to enjoy a glass of wine while Keith Haring was working a giant mural painting on one of the walls.  His Love Therapy, launched in 2003, represents the essence of his philosophy: the kindness and the smile  that never left him, not even when his brand started a slow decline and that we will miss as much as we will miss his creativity.


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  • He made epic shoes. I will have to save up for a pair of Elio Foruci vintage pair of shoes, no matter how many weeks I have to starve myself :p (troubles of a Fashionista :P)


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