The dopest accessory for summer 2018? Neither a bag, nor a pair of shoes…we’re taking about a belt! Yes, this season established the come back of one of the most “love it or hate it” accessory ever. Why? Because it can easily add a cool factor to our look, but also a boring attitude if it’s not styled in the best way . There are many ways to wear a belt, as much as there are so many different fashionable belts right now. Do you want to discover them with us?


Rehearsal night kinda outfit 💘

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Are you in love with traditional pin buckle belts? Well, this summer you should forget them in your closet and follow the latest trends. The coolest belt of the moment? It’s the safety buckle one: you only have to “clack” it around your waist and give to your outfit that amazing urban touch! Let’s be inspired by our Chiara Ferragni: wear it with cargo shorts and a bodysuit!



When it’s finally sunny in the city 🗽🌹 by @timur ✨

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Coffee, round 7 .. you feel me? 😌☕️

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The most fashionable belts right now are inspired by industrial design and they’re so similar to straps and harness. The dopest is the Off-White belt, that in a few seasons became the accessory we see the most on the streets. Its workwear touch is perfect to spice up the poshest outfit: look at Kendall Jenner and how she styled it on a floral suit!

@kendalljenner in ss18 women’s Off-White™ floral suit.

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Perfect 👌🏽 @nnnoodle

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Are you remembering something? Yes, these belts are so similar to the ones we used to wear in the 90s and early 2000s, that took their inspiration from the skaters’ world. With their ring closure, maybe they’re not the best solution to tighten your pants…but at the end of the day, that’s not the detail that makes the difference today, isn’t it? Bets’ duty, in 2018, it’s just to give some special metropolitan attitude to our outfit of the day!


💕tokyo 💕

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Despite everything, are you still fans of old style belts? Don’t worry, it’s not true they’re not fashionable anymore. Well, you only have to choose the best one and learn how to wear them in style! Maxi belts are our summer MVPs, especially if they have a golden logo buckle. Need some inspiration? Take it from Chiara, as usual, but also from Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin!

Business mama 💪🏻 #AmericanDays

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another from @elleusa by @marianovivanco 💕

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And in a blink of an eye…she’s back on the plane ✈️

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How to wear your belt in style? Let’s get inspired by runway shows’ styling and give to your belt some personality: instead of getting it into the loops, roll it around your waist and let it fall down vertically, just like Kaia Gerber does with her beautiful studded belt. We bet you won’t style your belt in a different way anymore!


break time

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Tell us, which are your fave belts? Don’t forget to go to The Blonde Salad Instagram account and vote for your dream looks!


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