Colour up your wardrobe with light blue! The sky shade is one of the most fashionable colours for 2018 and it will definetely give some brightness to our spring summer 2018 closet. How to wear it? You know, wear light blue is the sweetest challenge for next season: find out how with us!


Let’s start from shades: all the light blue’s tones are so cool for next spring summer. Powder blue, baby blue, sky blue, cadet blue, pale blue, tourquoise… we have no choice, we habe to wear light blue next summer!


How to use this colour on our outfits? Streetstyle confirmed how cool is to wear in all its beautiful tones. Let’s rock some light blue total looks, the, but only if we explore its different shdes, focusing on the boldest one for the piece we want to emphatize. Big yes to accessories, too: light blue bags and shoes, but also matchy sunglasses, will be the coolest touch on your outfit!


Are you hungry for light blue outfits? In our gallery below, all the looks you sould copy next spring summer 2018!



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