Nothing, today, it’s worthier than a nice photo on Instagram. Ok, we’re joking, but you know how hundreds of likes can turn your day in a positive way. We really need to focous on this goal and work for it, but we can also find some useful tips from technology! So, here you are 3 apps that will give to your photo that influencer look.


Start from the basics: editing

A perfect skin and a perfect make up. Wha else do we need for the most liked picture ever? But usually we don’t have a make up artist 24-7 wth us, so it’s easier to have a little virtual help. With 100 million users from 218 countries, Photowonder is the ultimate app to edit your selfies: it highlites your skin, it deletes acne, it enlarges your eyes and it provides some make up, too. It’s perfect for aspiring beauty influencers, but it’s better not to over use it: a natural touch always fits best.

Choose the perfect filter

Filters are like the 80% of a successful photo on Instagram. We can use its filters, but if we want to look like pros, we have the magic word: VSCO. Its creative editing tools and its customized settings make it the best app with the best filters ever.

Add a sparkling touch

Some bling-bling can save the worst day. But if we don’t have crystals and diamonds near, KiraKira+ can give us some help. During last september fashion weeks, thank to many sparkling-effect collections, our Instagram feed was full of hyper brilliant videos…it was this app’s fault. Now KiraKira+ can be used on photos too, for the ultimate glittery effect. But don’t abuse it: too much sparkling can be harmful.

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