Whats the perfect jacket for spring? A leather jacket! To be honest, there’s no fashionista’s wardrobe without at least 4-5 leather jackets, everyone with its own style and original details!


How to wear leather jacket? This time, it’s qite easy to answer a question like this. We absolutely love leather jackets because they’re perfect with every outfit: they can downplay the poshest evening gown but at the same time spice up a daywear outfit. What about work looks? If we want to look strong, a leahter jacket is our never without!


We’ve seen plenty of leather jackets in the catwalks, now it’s time to clear up our minds and fond out which are the leather jackets to wear in spring summer 2018.



Biker jackets

There’s no doubt a biker jacket is the perfect leather jacket. With its shining zips and its asymmetric style, it’s the a fave for many fashionistas when the warm weather comes. Next season, we say a big yes to strong and sexy biker jackets, just like the one that our dearest Chiara Ferragni is wearing above!


Maxi leather blousons

If you’re looking for the perfect daywear spring jacket, a leather blouson is you next purchase. With its masculine touch and its slouchy silhouette, it will make you feel confident in every situation.


Embellished leather jacket

We said so many times that spring summer 2018 rule is: shine on! No doubt we’re going to apply it also to leather jackets. Studs, crystals, sequins, glitter…they’re all perfect to customize our sparkling leather jacket!



Hand painted leather jacket on the back

Our leather jacket can say a lot about our style… that’s why we can use it to reveal something about our personality. Actually, that empty space on the back is perfect to write a message to the world!

Are you still unsure about the next leather jacket to buy? Don’t miss our gallery below, with all our style and shopping suggestions!

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