Are you packing your suitcase for the holidays? This year, you can take all your favourite clothes and accessories with you, because there’s no need to find some extra space for dozens of makeup products that you probably won’t use! For summer 2018, The Blonde Salad asked Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni‘s makeup artist, to help us pack our cosmetic box for the holidays. For our monthly column #BBtips with Manuele Mameli, he’s going to teach us which are the beauty essentials we should always take with your on vacation!



A fluid highlighter 

“When it’s very too hot outside, applying foundation can become a torture. I usually recommend to mix a fluid highlighter to a very light foundation: the result is a super glowing effect, similar to what we see in fashion magazines! This is a wonderful product to use when the skin is already tanned. Try to mix it with your face and body moisturizer: it will add a wonderful glowing effect to your complexion!”

Highlighter palettes

“We should never go on holidays without a highlighter palette! Put in your cosmetic purse a palette with at least 3/4 different shades, that could be used both as highlighters and eyeshadows. One product for multiple applications: that means, more space in your suitcase!”

No waterproof mascara!

Mascara is every woman’s best friend, and it’s perfect to add a magical touch to a glowing gaze. Many girls think that in the summertime it’s better to use waterproof mascara. This is not true: I noticed that it gets dry very fast, and it’s very hard to remove it. These two things can damage our eyelashes. It’s always better to focus on other formulas, such as volumizing ones, for a truly wow effect”.

The gloss that turns into a blush

Another 2-in-1 product? The gloss can be used as a blush. Choose a peachy shade of pink that suits both your complexion and your lips natural colour: it will soon become your fave essential for your natural makeup looks”.

A red lipstick

“Last but not least, the iconic product for your most beautiful makeup looks: a red lipstick! Choose a balmy and long-lasting finish. Sun exposure, in fact, can dry lips a lot and there’s nothing worse than apply a lipstick on dried lips”.

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