Are you tired of the same, old mini dress? You’re lucky: summer 2018 is the season of maxi dresses! It’s not news, actually. Long dresses became a hit a few seasons ago, and they are still a truly must have. In these super hot weeks, they’ll be our best allies to surprise everyone with our outfits, both in the city and on the beach! Stay tuned!


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Have you already find the perfect maxi dresses to wear on your holidays? If you still haven’t, don’t worry: you’re in the right place! The first thing to pack in your suitcase is a long floral dress. Do you think it’s too boring? Well, there must be a reason if flowers come back on our clothes season after season! You only need to choose contemporary clothes, with audacious rips and micro or macro motifs. Cleavage? Extreme measures: focus on high-necked dresses or low-necked ones!




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In this season, prints are the best to give a super cool vibe on our maxi dresses. If you’re already thinking about your long dresses #OOTD, you only have to remember which are the trending prints of the moment: animalier, better in unusual colours like blue, yellow and pink: polka dots, perfect on a flamenco-style ruffled dress; stripes, so cool if they’re in contrasting shades like black and white.




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It’s so hard to resist to long dresses charm, neither when we’re still in the city! For your urban looks, there’s nothing better than a plain maxi dress. Bold colours, like yellow, orange and red, will give you the fashion energy you need to get through your working days. You can also spice your outfits up with softer tones, like white, beige and pastels!




Are you already on holiday? Lucky you! The beach is the perfect setting where to play with see-through effects! A maxi lace dress is a perfect uniform by the sea, while we’re drinking cocktails in front of a breath-taking sunset. Be careful: wear them only to cover your swimsuits!



How to match maxi dresses? The answer is easy: with everything! You can spice them up with a pair of sneakers, but also intensify your boho-chic vibe with flats or create a posh touch with high-heeled sandals. What about bags? Same freedom: the perfect match for a city look is a leather crossbody bag, while on the beach you should always carry with you your favourite straw bag!




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Are you still looking for the perfect maxi dress for your vacations? Go straight to The Blonde Salad Instagram account to discover all the coolest style tips!

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