The coolest bags for spring summer 2018? No doubt: mini belt bags! You shouldn’t mix them up with fanny packs, with whom they only share the way to wear it around your waist. Belt bags, actually, are more a belt accessory tha real handbags.


They’re so tiny they wouldn’t let you carry around the city your necessaire, like smartphone or credit card. But hey, at the end of the day they’re not made for this: their goal is to make our outfits cooler, especially around the waist.


Could we miss the chance to add the coolest mini belt bag ever on our e-shop selection? Absolutely not! Your spring summer 2018 MVP would definetely be the Mini Purse Belt by The Frankie Shop X The Blonde Salad, a cute belted mini pochette that you can wear around your waist.


The Frankie Shop X The Blonde Salad


Are you looking for some inspirations for your next belt bag? Then take a look to our gallery below, with the best of runway trends and some useful shopping tips!



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