Eighties and Nineties aestethic updated with a contemporary sight. Neon Talk is not only an Instagram account for nostalgics, but a true encyclopedia about the characteristic style of those decades, useful to understand how much that aesthetic can be find in many things we see, feel and experience today. Hilding, the mind behind Neon Talk, explain us a bit more about this project.


When and why did you create Neon talk Instagram profile?

The Neon Talk feed started about 3 years ago. My interest in the 80’s started with very melodic music, mostly synth pop, italo disco, hi-NRG, but later on I also grew an interest in the visual language. This brought me to Neon Talk, a channel where to share my inspirations when searching for interesting visual stuff. I had no goal, no real intentions. I was (and I still am) amazed about how many people seem to like and appreciate the same weird and wonderful stuff that I do.


🏆Linda Evangelista for Chanel. Late 80's

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How would you describe your aesthetic?

I’m into no-brake-visuals and first idea designs. I look for imperfect details, which in some way makes a thing perfect. The goal is to show something that make your eyes react, no matter if its beautiful or quirky.



Where do you take your inspirations? How much do you use Instagram for this purpose?

I usually scan Instagram but also Tumblr, nerdy niche forums, Youtube… Lately my awesome followers send me a lot of inspiration.


Eighties and Nineties are the main topic of your profile. What do you think about these decades come back in fashion, music and art?

In my opininion it makes more sense. Everything goes in cycles, aesthetics included. It’s lovely to see people get inspired and do their own twist on things. No matter what decade. At the end of the day, it’s about getting out your expression in any form.



How do you think younger generations approach to these decades aesthetics, especially with social media?

90% of my followers is born in the 80s or later, me included. Obviously, there is an interest in the visuals and aesthetics.


You also collaborate with artist and designers for some products on your e-store. Can you tell us a bit more about these projects?

This is one of my darling things. I really love to find super skilled artists who create art today, inspired in some way by retro art details. I help them out with exposure in my niche channel showing their art on art prints or clothing. Some artists I’ve collaborated with are Yoko Honda, Amidstsilence, George Greaves, Victor Moatti, Pastelae, Sarah Birsak, Killer Acid, Blake Kathryn and Mizucat to mention a few. They are experts of Retro Art, CGI-art, Vaporwave Art, 80s and 90s art.



Fashion, music, art: tell us for each one a person, a group of people, a movement from 80s and 90s that is still rocking and inspiring people now.

For sure, Kenzo and Louis Vuitton makeup, Orchestral Manouvers In the Dark and The Jesus and Mary Chain still sounds pretty good. About art, the ones mentioned above are a good start.

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