We said it before: pvc jackets are the spring summer 2018 ultimate must have. Transparent effects, glossy vynil finishing and latex vibes crowned them the most fashionable outerwear for 2018… and we’re sure that many of you are so happy about it. Many of you, and the others?


The fashionistas’ universe, actually, is broken in 2 sides: who is thrilled about some rain to wear her chicest pvc raincoat, and who is not so confident about wearing transparent parkas and trenches. It’s true, it’s not so easy to wear plastic jackets… but you should know very well how a see-through effect is so cool if it’s mixed with neon and bright colours!


A transaparent jacket is not your cup of tea? Let’s fall in love, then, with vynil glossy finishings: we got crazy for them last winter and we can tell you you’re definetely going to wear them again so many times this spring, but also next autumn. Dark lady style, just like Matrix’s Trinity, is one of the coolest trends for winter 2018. If you already want to channel your darkest side, you shouldn’t miss the black vynil trench by  Two Drops x The Blonde Salad, the most exclusive limited edition that will give some mysterious vibe to your next outfits!





So, did we win you over about pvc jackets? Find out all the spring summer 2018 trends and the coolest shopping tips in our gallery below!


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