The bedroom is our safe shelter, the space where we feel more confident and where we can express our style the most. If we’re talking about a fashionista’s bedroom, how many design details and chic inspirations do you think we can find there? There are at least 10 objects to give some personality to a fashion addicted‘s room. Find them out!




Sitting on the floor and with a vintage frame, Seventies purist design inspired or glamourous shaped, the mirror is always something a fashion room desperately need. Who could we ask who’s the fairiest of them all, instead?


Does anybody use pillows only to sleep? They became true design accessories, perfect to give some edgy touch to our bed. And to our midnight selfies, indeed.

Led lights

Led lights are perfect for the fashionistas who are still afraid of the dark: they’re the perfect compromize between a sleep without nightmares and a boho-chic vibe.



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Walk-in closet

Not a real object, but a room inside the bedroom! For sure, the walk-in closet is every fashionista’s dream, the ultimate caveau for our most precious treasures: clothes, accessories and shoes, of course!


Beauty corner 💄

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Beauty corner

Do your makeup in the bathroom? No way: the beauty corner, as Youtube makeup gurus has taught us, is your next never without. Your room is too tiny? No worries: put in a corner a little desk, a mirror, a lamp and many many drawers where to hide all your makeup products!


A so-called fashionista always has thousands of books, magazines and coffee table books where she can steal some sinspirations for her daily outfits. Karl Lagerfeld is the proof: a whole wall covered with books is the best way to have a peaceful sleep and a wonderful awakening!

Fresh flowers

Get up in the morning with the amazing scent of a fresh flower bouquet? Priceless.

Maxi tricot blanket

Besides many, many pillows, your bed in 2018 will need another accessory: a maxi tricot blanket. To keep us warm in winter nights? No: to reach many, many likes on Instagram!



You can use it to rest, to read a book or to lean you shopping bag; anyway, an armachair is always a design object that can give some personality to a fashionista’s room.The more vintage they are, the better!


Even a rug can say a lot about your style. For example, if you buy it in a second hand flea market or on a designer boutique online.

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