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Are you looking for that vintage piece you saw (and unfortunately did not instantly buy) at Paris flea market and you are having a hard time finding in town? Well, now all its left is for you too look online. Better: via app. You should know that Parisian second-hand enthusiasts, Hackney’s hipsters, Williamsburg’s Newyorkers and the Italian radical chic crowd are already on Depop and with them an accurate selection of eclectically retro objects. You don’t believe it? Browse through our 10 accounts in a virtual tour around the world:  follow them to stay updated on the current trends and satisfy our insatiable need to shop online through the boutiques of cult collectors, up-and-coming designers and contemporary brands: Fashion, music, art, but also photography, books and furniture accessories forgotten for years in grandma’s attic. So, here is the program for this afternoon: going through the old colored metal sheet letters and manual cameras from the early 1900’s of a Sicilian shop; buy a limited edition LP from a Kingston upon Thames record store and then buy a delightful wallpaper from Williamsburg to renovate your bedroom’s walls. All this just with a click while sipping on your favorite tea and your feet comfortably laying on your couch at home; your home. Enjoy your shopping!

Text and selection by Maria Vicini

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